Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Nexus PH 2024 Info Guide


March 23, 2024


The Battle Nexus Championship is around the corner!

What You NEED to KNOW

The Battle Nexus Championship is the newest and latest event by Konami, which is about to first commence in the Philippines. Players from across the country can join the event by purchasing a specified amount of  Konami products from courtside as part of the entry qualifications!

Tournament Date:

Day 1: March 23, 2024, Saturday (Qualifying)
Day 2: March 24, 2024, Sunday (Top Cut)

Event Venue:

Day 1: Estancia Mall Activity Area 1, 1605 Meralco Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila (click to view)

Day 2: Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas Center, Quezon City, Metro Manila (click to view)




Players are pitched in a six to eight-round total of matches, each with a match time limit of 50 minutes per round. Rounds may depend on the start of the event.



Each match is best out of three, and each match consists of 40 minutes of duels, with 10 minute last three turns to determine the winner.



The Top 8 out of the 200+ players will undergo single-elimination rounds, and the winners will advance until a champion is crowned.

About Details

What you NEED to PREPARE

List of Requirements

The Battle Nexus Tournament 2024 is open to all players residing in the Philippines, regardless of age, gender, and nationality, as long as the player can understand and play the game properly and is not required to speak and read Japanese, so long as they understand the English translation their cards.

To join, players are required to submit the following on-site:

- Event Registration Proof of Purchase
- Konami Card Game ID
- Konami Deck List Form

Event Registration Proof of Purchase is MANDATORY in participating in this event. Players are required to buy a specific amount of Konami-exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! items on Courtside branches as soon as the buy registration starts. These items can either be of the following:

1x Any Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG or Asian English Structure Deck (Depending on Availability)

8x Any Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG or Asian English Booster Packs (Depending on Availability)

These are the official requirements to be able to secure your entry. For more information, you can directly head to Frequently Asked Questions for some clarifications.

Konami Card game ID can be found on your Yu-Gi-Oh! Neuron App. If you don't have one, you can make one by downloading the app here, and for IOS devices here. This ID number is extremely important and cannot be missed, as this is your passport not just in this event, but also in all Konami Sanctioned Yu-Gi-Oh! events. You can also use the Konami ID card number issued in 2004, as long as it was already been registered on the online database.

The Konami Decklist Form is also required and is MANDATORY to be submitted at the specified time before the event starts. It must contain all the cards you will use during the event. Take note that the form should be clean, and easily readable, and the card list should be accurate. You can either write them or print them, as long as it would contain all the cards you'll use. If you don't have the form, you can download it here:
Download Konami Decklist Form PDF



Entry Prize

Silence Into The Future
Limited Edition Sleeves

Players who can join the event will receive 1x Pack of Limited Edition Silence into the Future Sleeves, featuring Silent Magician!

Sleeves will be given only after completing the registration procedure. Players are REQUIRED to PARTICIPATE and PLAY during the event.

Players cannot drop the event on the premise of getting the sleeves and must play at least 2-3 Rounds before dropping.

Each pack contains 70 pcs of card protector sleeves with foiled art and a black-colored front. Each pack is NOT FOR SALE and is only available within the event.

Each player can only get no more than 1 (one) pack of sleeves as entry, for a total of 200+ players, depending on registration turnout.

Silent Magician and Swordsman Zero
Limited Edition Rubber Playmat

Winners will be given 1x Limited Edition sealed Silent Magician and Swordsman Rubber Playmat. this playmat is not for sale and is only available on the event premises as a prize. Furthermore, The champion will be allowed to be seeded in future international qualifying rounds and/or tournaments to be held by Konami Asia. (This information is subject to change, and Konami Asia has the right to change it without further notice.)

Winners will also get Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG packs and freebies, which are subject to change and will be announced at the venue.

Winner/s are decided during Day 2 of the event, and further information are subject to change without further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Information

Q: We want to join as a group, can we instead buy multiple products amounting for example good for 5 players for us to join?

A: No. It is strictly 1 entry per official receipt, per player who will join. Instead,each player can ask for a representative to buy the products and get their receipt.

Q: Are we going to have pre-registration, for players who are far away but is willing to join?

A: Yes. With that being said, players who are interested in joining but are far away (even if not) would be required to fill up a Google form that will be released by our Official Representative Carlito S. Del Mundo, which includes your choice of product, photo or receipt, and mode of payment.

Q: I'm coming from a very far place. What would happen if I went late?

A: Unfortunately, you won't be able to participate nor get the entry prize, if you cannot submit your decklist on time. We recommend preparing at least 5 hours of early time to be at the venue for deck checking to make sure your entry is validated.

Q: Can I use Class A/ Korean/ TCG English cards in the event?

A: Unfortunately, No. Only OCG Japanese, OCG Asian English, and OCG Chinese Cards are legal for use in this event.

Q: With the "chance to be seeded in future international events/qualifiers, what do you mean?

A: This means that the winners will have a chance to participate in the World Championships and/or Battle Nexus Asia Grand Finals if there is one. This is subject to update and will be announced by Konami Asia in the Future.

Q: With the "minimum purchase of products, does that mean I can just go buy some items in Courtside, that are mentioned in the mechanics, and then I can already secure my slot in the event?

A: Yes and No. Starting March 2, if you happen to buy items equal to or more than the specified amount required to purchase, you are now qualified to join as long as you save the official receipt as proof of purchase. However, this does not mean you are already secured to join since you will still need to sign up and fill up the Google forms that would be provided by the pre-registration. Konami Officials will post a list of players who are qualified to join, and when your name appears on that list, you will then settle the payments and/or receipts, if you have any. You also have to be present early at the venue to secure your entry.

Q: Would there be any special priorities given during the pre-registration?

A: Chances are yes. Players who actively participate in Courtside's events will be given opportunities to save their slots before the event. However, they are STILL REQUIRED to abide to purchase the said requirements on time. Also, this is subject to change and only the Courtside can decide if these privileges will be given or not.

Q: Can I submit a handwritten decklist?

A; Sure, you can. But save your energy and Download the Decklist form here.

Q: Where can I see the pre-registration form?

A: You can access the form here: Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Nexus 2024 Form


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