January - February Meta Report


January 15 - February 25, 2024


The Philippines Meta Report

January 15 - February 25 Top Decks Representation

The decks mentioned are based on the number of decks that appear in every Top 4 of any tournament ranking and/or events and the overall results of the chart were ONLY BASED on the sample population, which are the community Tournament Reports mentioned below:

ODA (Order of Duelist in Albay)
JUMP Kokoro Community, YGO Cebu, YGO Elyu, Kai Duelists Tabletop Community, Ilo-Ilo YGO Association, Davao YGO community, GAPO YGO and Duel Bacolod

Toy Shogun, Final Turn Hobby Shop, Aqua Card Games, Mage Ring Hobby Shop, Play2Learn and Courtside




When a certain deck from a community enters Top 4, it wil be recorded immediately. It is equivalent to 1 meta point, which reflects the capability of the deck to consistently top.



When a deck, having entered Top 4 has been recorded, it is determined if it also reaches Top 2 or Top 1. It is equal to an additional 1 meta point. This reflects the dominance.



Using Duel Synapse's Yugibrick , MEIOCG's latest deck power calculator project, the decks of the players are ​analyzed and their numerical and empirical results are computed.


META Highlights

Tier Rating: S

Fire King, or specifically the Fire King - Snake Eyes variant, is one of the most popular decks in Central Luzon as of date. It synergizes pretty well with Snake-Eyes, and with the Bonfire being available, the deck seems to not fall off the metagame.

  • Fire King has been consistently topping in the last months tracing back to November 2023 since ever the release of its latest support in the Fire King Structure Deck. With the combination of the Snake-Eye engine and Bonfire, the deck had already reached its peak of power in the meta and had been consuming already 25-40% of the overall deck population during events in the Philippines.

Tier Rating: S

Snake - Eyes

Snake-Eyes, specifically Snake-Eye Diabellestar, continue to dominate most areas of Central Luzon and Southern Visayas regions.

    The deck's power increased its potency with the release of Bonfire along with Snake-Eye Populus. Also, the Diabellestar engine is an archetype of the Sinful Spoils that work together by summoning Diabellestar just by sending 1 card from hand or field. With the hefty monetary value of Bonfire currently, no doubt having 3 in the deck proved worth the price.

    Snake-Eyes is still living up to the meta's topmost contender along with the Fire-King 

Tier Rating: A


Tenpai Dragon trio takes their lead in full power, dominating the Central and Southern Luzon area for the past weeks. Aside from its synergy with Bystials, it had also seen a great synergy with Dragonmaids and alike, ravaging the meta rapidly almost beating Voiceless Voice to a pulp. 

Tenpai became more powerful as time passed by and is being played consistently in most communities in Luzon, such as ODA (Order of the Duelists in Albay) and Robinson's Galleria weekly pod Rankings. So far, there are only a few counters with the archetype, one, for example, is the Odd-Eyes Meteorburst Dragon (where the opponent cannot activate any effects during the battle phase), Thunder of Ruler, and a few more. 

Tier Rating: A

Voiceless Voice continued its dominance and presence in the meta tracing back from its previous release on November 2023. 

    With its latest support Blessings of the Voiceless Voice, the initial problem of it having no recursion when Voiceless cards cannot be recovered from the grave and banishment has been solved, and the potency as well as the consistency of the deck was significantly improved. 

    Although the deck is one of the best ritual decks by far, its flaws being bricky continue to hinder the deck to its maximum potential, and players are experimenting with ways to deal with these flaws.

About Power

The Best Decks so far

What the Data Suggests

The Tiers represent the capability of each archetype to outperform other decks in terms of tournaments and the likeliness of them to enter top cuts and win as top 2 to 1. It also represents their strength when matched with specific other tiers.

Fire King and Snake Eyes continued to sit atop on S tier, with 50% overall participation from the past BLS2 Event. Both archetypes synergize with one another to perform an incredibly consistent, powerful, and easy-to-maneuver deck. Rescue ACE, on the other hand, continues to stay in its position with the help of Snake-Eyes engines which pushes the deck to its potential.

​Tenpai Dragons, without a surprise, toppled Voiceless Voice due to the rapid climb in the ranks. Although Voiceless Voice continues to dominate most of the tournaments across the Philippines, the ratio of it topping compared to Tenpai and Rescue-Ace was relatively less.


Deck Highlights

Fire Kings

Joshua Curiano went top 15 while Patrick Burton went top 14 on Black Luster Soldier (Normal Monster) Event Philippines while both using Fire King Snake-Eyes.
Curiano and Burton are both active players in their communities, with Joshua on Kai and GAPO, and Patrick on ODA. Both players are using nearly identical builds, but Curiano decided to run 1 Fire King Island and 2 of Droll and Lock Bird on the main deck.

What separates Fire King Snake-Eyes from pure Snake Eyes is the Fire King's ability to provide intensive turn 0 disruptions with the help of Fire King High Avatar Kirin. furthermore, the kit of Fire King is rather simple but deadly and can set up an instant monster negate via Arvata when the timing is perfect. In addition, the utilization of Bonfire in the main deck significantly boosts the overall firepower of the deck by providing additional consistency, combined with several hand traps that are crucial to stopping opponents from their organized play. Fire Kings continue to dominate the whole PH meta from the first time it was released in 2023, in its revamped structure deck.

Snake - Eyes

Martin Owen Calleja went Top 2 on the recently concluded Black Luster Soldier (Normal Monster) Event using his pure variant of Snake-Eyes, which continues to provide him adequate power and support despite the extreme popularity of Fire King in the current metagame. 

It can consistently put up a respectable endboard, create a great deal of advantage, and have a robust resource loop over an extended game. Points of interaction commonly consist of the following end boards: I:P in own back row, ready to be summoned by field spell or flamberge; Princess in GY, with fire (Amblowhale) on board for a pop; and one or two non-engine interruptions, like as hand traps, called by, etc. Because the sites of interaction are distributed throughout the hand, back row, monsters, and GY, this board is surprisingly difficult to break. In addition, you usually reload your resources for subsequent turns (for example, summoning two level 1s back with Flamberge to GY, which grants you one or two more searches for the next turn).

Tenpai Dragons

Angelo James went 6-0 on ODA (Order of Duelists in Albay) Battle Fiesta 2024, with Tenpai Dragons. Aside from this, he also won the following week with the same deck, even against a mirror match-up during finals with Stephen Uy Tan. He opts to focus on consistency build to maximize the chance of getting a good starting hand and made sure to contemplate against the deck's main weakness on long games. The main build mainly focuses on ending the game at Turn 2, so he made sure to main as many go-second breakers as much as possible, without affecting the go-first setup. He also included 2 Nibirus on the deck to ensure that he can have a counterplay against most meta decks such as Fire King and Snake Eyes, and 2 Drolls to assure victory against Voiceless Voice. In addition, Changed of Heart had a significant advantage on mirror match-up, since when the opponent sets up the level 10 synchro, it can be stolen and used as his own.

Tenpai Dragons, despite being fresh in the current metagame, with its abrupt power and performance, continue to slowly gain popularity among communities already dominated by Snake-Eyes and Fire Kings. 

Voiceless Voice

Kenth Catacutan and Matthew Libo-On previously went as Champions on Unity Cup 2024 (February 3, 2024) and Weekly Ranking from Cebu (January 27, 2024), with the same deck, Voiceless Voice. However, Kenth previously had optimized his build and went for the Dogmatika-Nadir engine to combat the deck's problem of interruptions and going second. This is apart from the popular HT (hand trap) build, from which the deck is played being utilized by previous contenders of BLS, such as those of builds of Aaron Joshua Balboa (Top 11).

The idea behind his Nadir Engine, however, is to dump Garura to the grave and search Dogmatika Maximus, then summon Maximus after resolving Garura's trigger to draw and banish it. Upon summon, he will instead send Granguignol the Dusk Dragon to the grave along with another monster from the extra deck, completing the combo. Guignol has a special quick effect in the grave that special summons Despian Luluwalilith from Extra Deck with an additional non-targeting negate and permanent 500 boosts on all monsters once per turn when a monster from the Extra Deck leaves.


Final Thoughts


Apart from the misinformation coming from outside sources regarding the current state of PH Metagame, Fire Kings and Snake Eyes continue to dominate the country, followed by Voiceless Voice and Tenpai Dragons being added to the list. Tenpai, however, surprisingly, is winning most of the race against Voiceless Voice, considering their main gameplay focuses during the Battle Phase, in which most decks, even Voiceless, can't keep up.

Aside from this, all the data were carefully gathered and analyzed, and the relative meta-scores were computed. There are some additional observations concluded while analyzing these empirical and numerical data:

Labrynth, although was hit by the recent banlist, continues to be as powerful as ever, and its setup hasn't changed nor declined at all, however, it was also noticed that Labrynth struggle extremely on communities with an existing Fire King player base. Possibly, the Fire King's nature being a counter to Labrynth was one of the reasons being considered for its decline in power. However, in communities without Fire King, the Labrynth easily topples most events and tournaments.

Melodius and Lightsworn are also starting to gain momentum, exerting nice performance in some communities. Their recent support from Legacy of Destruction paved the way for these decks to achieve meta-contending capabilities.

Finally, players are already shifting their gears and reducing the amount of droll in their main deck, but are assured to have at least 2-3 in their side decks, and are already playing Ghost Belle in their main decks.


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